Saturday, September 4, 2010

Canon Rebel T2i - A Revolutionary Camera

Yeah I know I'm a few months late, but I finally got the newish DSLR called the Canon Rebel T2i (actually the Japanese version called the Kiss X4). Now let me tell you. This camera is something.
If you set everything just right on this camera, you can get a professional looking Hollywood movie look, for under $900. That's still pretty expensive, but only a few years ago it would cost thousands and thousands of dollars for a camera with the same kind of video quality. But times have changed.

Although I mostly use it for video. It's really a photography camera for pictures. I recently met up with a rap group I know called Illusionari Ent., and did a quick photo-shoot with them. Shot with the cheap Canon kit lens EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS.

Check their MySpace out here, and Facebook here!

Tommorow I'll probably be uploading two videos to YouTube. The first one will be my first Canon T2i test video, then the next will be a quick promo video for Illusionari Co. Shot with the Canon T2i and the kit lens!

Btw, to those who say the kit lens sucks. WRRROOOONG. It's not the BEST, but it's definitely REALLY FREAKIN' GOOD FOR THE PRICE.


  1. i have this camera and love it : )

  2. but can i really take awsome photos like this one you took ,,i really wanna hear from you ben,,ur awsome at what you do..and god bless you and keep up the great work dude

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