Friday, June 10, 2011

Long time no post! Hello! New news!

June 6, 2011 - 3:37 AM
Hey guys, I haven't been posting here in a while. I just haven't gotten around to it, haha.
Updates updates updates!

About the 48 Go Green 2011, well I didn't do too good in it. It was pretty much a waste of time, but hey, at least I got a short film done finally! Definitely not entering it next year though. They're pretty unorganized, and the whole "green" theme makes it nearly impossible to write anything good (Being the only writer who didn't get  a word down on paper until midnight didn't help). The script was OKAY, but our shooting was so badly planned and locations and actors were inconsistent, and we skipped a lot of crucial points in the script, so it ended up making the movie go from okay to bad. :/ And the audio levels clipped a lot near the end. :(

I reached 2000 subscribers (2,807 as of 6/09/11), and got plenty of music videos done for artists such as Kovan, Sam Leon, Duet Preme, Dos & Money B of Thumbs Up Ent, and Mike Dreams & Ryanne Noelle of 7th Ascent:

Music videos for Ophishal Flyboy and Persian pop sensation MOE ROCK coming soon.

I recently got an ultra rare... holographic level 87 Charizard! Not really, but I did get an ultra rare Anamorphic Lens adapter for my T2i. This thing is awesome, but SUUUPER hard to work with. You have to focus with the adapter, AND the lens that it's attached to. The Anamorphic adapter's focus ring isn't the best, and it's real easy to screw up your shot with this thing, but when you hit focus perfectly and get the lens on just right, the footage is amazing. I also purchased the ProAm DVC250 Camera Crane/Jib with a stand and external monitor. It is freaking amazing. Click HERE to see the test footage.

I also made a video "Distracted Driver Exterminator" which is a commercial that addresses the risks of distracted driving, with a little twist to it. This video was for the Minnesota Teen's Against Distracted Driving Commercial contest. My video didn't make it to the finalists, but look at the videos that did... fishy eh? I've got bigger contests to deal with such as the REAL 48 HOUR FILM PROJECT, not the 48 Go Green garbage.

Now that we're done with the old news, time for the recent stuff!

I have started location scouting for my feature film "Time & Space (working title)" that I'm going to be shooting this summer, hopefully. I have found some pretty awesome spots I must say.

Also, tomorrow (technically today, since it's 3 AM) is the kick off of the Minneapolis 48 Hour Film Project 2011. I like these 48 hour film festivals because they are the best at getting me off my music video making ass to make a short film. Also, since I had to pay the $140 entry fee. After I pay that fee, I can't postpone the video and HAVE to do it. I entered the 2010 48 Hour Film Project also. Check out my entry from last year! I'm pretty satisfied with it, storywise, compared to my 48 Go Green entry anyway. The real problem here was the audio levels, and the cinematography, pacing and little stupid mistakes that could have been fixed.

This year... that's all going to change. I'm not going to make the same mistakes I made with the past 48 Hour Film Projects. I'm going all out, so get ready for the best film from Ben Hughes Studios you've ever seen. (I'm going to look like a dumb-ass looking back at this post if the movie turns out to suck... lol)

That's all folks!

(P.S. The date system on my new website design is screwed up, so I'm just going to write it on the top of this post)